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NetMotion Mobility™ is a software-only Mobile Virtual Private Network (Mobile VPN) that provides secure, continuous remote access to network resources and applications from mobile devices over any wired or wireless IP-based network.

Mobility is built specifically for highly mobile workers who need secure, reliable wireless access to critical data and applications. Whether they drive to multiple locations in a single day or roam between floors or buildings on a corporate campus, workers remain productive while they access different networks, cross coverage gaps, or suspend and resume their devices.

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Protection. The industry’s strongest FIPS‐validated encryption secures the VPN tunnel. Before allowing access, Network Access Control verifies that every device is up‐to‐date with software and patches, and that security measures are enabled.

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Authentication. Support for two‐factor, standards‐based authentication gives government agencies an affordable way to meet their security objectives.

Through inexpensive smart cards or low‐to no‐cost X.509v3 user certificates, Mobility supports most standards‐based PKI authentication infrastructures via RADIUS EAP. Read more

Device‐level authentication using certificates enables multi‐factor authentication that ties users loosely or tightly to the device, while re-authentication at intervals confirms that devices remain in authorized hands.
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Enforcement. Flexible policies control device and application behavior, restrict application access, and keep bandwidth‐intensive processes off slower networks where they can bog down performance.

Control. Set‐and‐forget design requires little management for routine operations. The browser‐based administrative console allows all aspects of the system to be centrally configured, managed, and observed — from overall metrics down to the details of a single mobile worker.

Central controls quarantine devices that are misused, lost or stolen. Device authentication supports over‐the‐air device management via third‐party management suites.

Visibility. Automated notifications promote hands‐off management. A sophisticated analytics module delivers insight into mobile worker behaviour and application usage. Read more

Compatibility. Any network‐aware application can be transitioned to run reliably over wireless networks, simply by installing Mobility. There’s no need to modify applications, do expensive development, or upgrade to special wireless‐enabled versions. Mobility is compatible with Windows™ devices, and with any IP network.

Cost‐efficiency. Installation and setup take only a few hours. The Mobility server installs on standard, off‐the‐shelf hardware, including virtual environments, either behind the corporate firewall or within a DMZ. The client software installs on Windows devices, can be centrally configured, and is transparent to the end user.

Scalability. Mobility handles the transition from a small pilot deployment to a large installation. A single server can handle up to 1,500 concurrently connected devices. Servers can be pooled to provide additional capacity as well as load balancing, failover and redundancy for thousands of workers, creating a highly scalable, reliable system with no single point of failure. Read more

Convenience. Mobile workers have a single sign‐on experience — no matter how many different networks or access points they use. NetMotion Mobility keeps mobile workers authenticated and their applications reliable during coverage loss.
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Roaming. Mobility enables seamless roaming in and across any combination of IP networks. Users move freely between docked connections, corporate Wi‐Fi networks, third‐party hotspots and cellular data networks from multiple carriers — automatically using the fastest available connection. Read more
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Performance. Mobility improves throughput, application responsiveness and productivity over bandwidth‐constrained wireless networks. It reduces protocol overhead and chattiness, and compresses data and web images, dramatically improving throughput. Read more

Reliability. No other mobile VPN matches Mobility's ability to keep application sessions alive and stable. In coverage gaps, applications simply pause, then resume sending when a connection returns. Data transfers pick up where they left off, even days later after a device is resumed.

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Introducing Mobility

Got 5 minutes? Make yourself a cup of coffee, sit back, relax and watch our brief video introduction to the world's leading Mobile VPN.

Putting every kind of organization on the move. Entire industries are discovering the business benefits of extending mobile data access to their employees. They are improving productivity and gaining new efficiencies, with reliable connectivity, security and straightforward management enabled by Mobility. In this video we present an overview of the mobile working experience which can be delivered through Mobility, and also discuss how centralised management and control of mobile workers and their computing assets can be achieved. To start the video, just click on the image.
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